Image: Spier Pilates, Los Angeles

HOW TO GET OUT OF YOUR WORKOUT RUT | If you've been feeling desperate to get out of this rut and experience a consistent love-hate relationship with exercise, I'm here to say I understand completely. Flourish is the result of awareness that the body can take an incredible form in the right conditions through movement, chiropractic and nourishing well.

Even the pro's struggle. But I remind myself that I work hard to get healthier, not just leaner and stronger. And I dive into a Pilatespocalypse. Here's my top tips on getting started: 

Find Your Motivation
Because let's get real - the desire to exercise does not come naturally for everyone. Any start is a start. Whether you're looking to achieve the relationship goals of Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod, shadow Karlie Kloss's fitness regime or get that Khloè Kardashian Revenge Body. 

Find a Workout You Love
Don't beat yourself up for your exercise hiatus. Maybe you didn't stick to your routine because you just got real bored. Get onto a Class Pass and try it all - yoga, adult ballet (don't we all have that dream), Soul Cycle, kickboxing - find that one or two things you love and commit. 

Pace Yourself
Now that you're on your way to looking and feeling your best, don't forget that it's a process after all. Manage your expectations. Remind yourself that it takes time to see physical results but you can be sure to see changes in your sleep, concentration, mood and energy levels soon enough!

Good luck
x Dr Brenda


Image: Kohi Yatta

Image: Kohi Yatta

Welcome To The Issue | I realised very early on in my career that if I wanted to build sustainable growth and enjoy the process whilst at it, I would have to think of methods to incorporate what I do with and for the elements that I loved. Breaking out of a comfortable position and into a somewhat entrepreneur, I decided to co-share a space at Hot Yo Studio to do exactly that. 

The brand puts emphasis on quality time spent with our clients, affordability and we never push merchandise of any sort. I’m able to play with environments that promote healing - so to break free from what you imagine of a clinic, and try programs and packages that are flexible and encourages our clients to optimise their own health. 

Good Advice is centred around understanding and knowledge so you can care better for yourself. Everything we share is backed by science but stripped down so it is useful and relevant for you. It is also my peculiar eye for print, fonts and character spacing. It is influenced by my long-time admiration for lifestyle gurus. Perhaps it is also a reincarnation of Carrie Bradshaw in SATC writing a column à la Brenda. 

Expect to see wellness trends you’ve missed, how-to’s on pain management when doing the things you love and learn how many glasses of wine a week is actually healthy.